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EXP Café Elixir

EXP Café Elixir

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Uplifting, Energizing, & Delicious from start to finish

110mg naturally occurring caffeine (espresso concentrate)

125mg of Mitragynine per bottle (3 servings)

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Lab tested & 100% pure

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Ethically Sourced & A.K.A. Certified

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EXP Café Elixir

If you like coffee, be prepared to get obsessed with Café kratom shots – the divine coffee flavor comes from real expresso concentrate, not ‘coffee flavoring’. The taste is worthy of a chef’s kiss and the espresso also adds 110mg of naturally occurring caffeine for little extra oomph. The effects are uplifting and energizing. Delicious from start to finish, you won’t find a better tasting coffee kratom shot than Café Kratom.

Made with the rich flavor of real expresso and just a hint of vanilla, EXP’s kratom coffee shot has been reviewed as one of the most effective and best tasting on the market! These kratom shots are packed full of mitragynine, providing full-spectrum effects with benefits from all three varieties of kratom -- red vein, green vein, and white vein. Enjoy the perfectly balanced mix of strains achieved by selecting the best properties from each variety to deliver powerful and effective kratom shots. With these fast-acting kratom shots, you can expect to feel calm, energized and everything in between. You can even experience a break from persistent physical stresses, too! 

Contents: Each 15ml bottle contains 125mg of Mitragynine, three 5ml servings. Also contains 110mg of caffeine. Available in single bottles, sleeves of 12, or cases. EXP Kratom shots are made with 100% pure, lab tested Mitragyna Speciosa.

What are the effects?

  • Stimulating & Uplifting – People sometimes take kratom to help clear the morning fog or fight the urge to nap. At low doses, kratom can induce stimulating effects similar to the effects experienced with caffeinated beverages.
  • Relaxing, Comforting – At high doses, kratom can induce sedative-like effects that promote relaxation and calmness.
  • Balance, Harmony, Serenity – A proper dosing kratom provides an overall positive and confident mindset throughout the day. Everyone is different, so it's important to start slow & try a variety of kratom strains to find what best fits your lifestyle.

Additional Info

Bioavailability – how a substance is absorbed and used by the body, is a carefully considered part of the EXP manufacturing process. After years of studying the many different kratom varieties, and their effects, EXP has developed precisely formulated blends that act faster and last longer than average kratom products. There are over 40 biologically active compounds in kratom leaves (known as bioactive alkaloids) that influence the body, and they target strains with the most mitragynine (MPI) and 7-Hydroxymitragynine — the alkaloids that give kratom its powerful effects. 

EXP goes beyond other kratom manufactures to ensure you get the best products made with the best ingredients. Our strong kratom extracts are processed with food grade extractors, not petroleum-based solvents. We achieve the high alkaloid content of our kratom extracts using more natural methods of extraction vs. the petroleum originated processes used by many other extract manufacturers. Using this more natural method, the extract you buy from EXP will have no solvent residue.

Perfect for:

Relief from stress & mental fatigue

Relief from aches & bodily discomfot

Improving mood & focus, from waking up in the morning to going to bed at night

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What is Kratom?

For centuries kratom powder was used in ritualistic ceremonies. In Thailand and Malaysia, kratom leaves were chewed or made into drinks in order to relax the body and induce calmness.

Kratom powder contains alkaloids like 7-hydroxymitragynine and mitragynine, both of which appear to interact with opioid receptors within the body. At low doses, it appears to have stimulatory effects, but at higher doses, it appears to have more sedative effects.

Kratom comes from the dried and crushes leaves of the Mitragyna Speciosa tree, a tropical evergreen native to the jungles of Southeast Asia. Believe it or not, the kratom is a member of the coffee bean family, which is why its often used (at low doses) for its stimulating-energizing effects.

Which Kratom strain is right for me?

Red Vein kratom - comes from the most mature leaves of the Mitragyna Speciosa tree. It is said to have the most calming and relaxing effects of the kratom strains. The chemical composition of kratom depends on several factors, such as the variety, the age of the plant, the environment, and the time of harvest. 

For those who have difficulty winding down before bed, this herb may be a useful addition to your nightly routine — the calming benefits of Red Vein Kratom have been used by the indigenous people of Southeast Asia for centuries. Red vein kratom has many strains, each with slightly different effects. Your red vein options for this bundle are Red Bali, Red Maeng Da, Red Maylay, Super Red, and Red Borneo kratom powders. Explore Red Vein Kratom Here!

White Vein kratom - comes from the youngest leaves of the Mitragyna Speciosa tree. This vein type also has the highest mitragynine concentration — giving an energizing effect, much like caffeine. For those who like to keep their energy level up all day, this herb may be a useful addition to your breakfast smoothie — the energetic benefits of White Vein Kratom last longer than those of coffee, making it an effective caffeine substitute. 

Each white kratom strain comes with somewhat different effects, all uplifting. In this bundle you can choose between White Buntok, White Maylay, White Sumatra, White Kapuas Hulu, White Elephant, and White Maeng Da Kratom powders. Explore White Vein Kratom Here!

Green Vein Kratom - is thought to be the most robust variety and is said to be a naturally occurring hybrid of Red Vein and White Vein Kratom. As a result, Green Vein Kratom contains the best traits of both red and white vein strains. Because of this natural balance, green kratom effects can be more subtle than red or white vein strains on their own. 

Recommended for morning or afternoon use, this strong kratom blend, and its powerful alkaloid content, can revitalize and energize your mind, body, and spirit to help you get a positive start to your day or bring a motivational boost to your afternoon. Green Vein kratom has many varieties, each with subtle variations to their effects. In this bundle you can choose between Green Maeng Da, Super Green Thai, Green Sumatra, Green Kapuas Hulu, Green Malay, Green Elephant, and Green X kratom powders. Explore Green Vein Kratom Here!

How does kratom effect the body?

For centuries kratom powder and its leaves have been used in ritualistic ceremonies. In Thailand and Malaysia, kratom leaves were chewed or made into drinks in order to relax the body and induce calmness.

Kratom powder contains alkaloids like 7-hydroxymitragynine and mitragynine, both of which appear to interact with opioid receptors within the body. At low doses, it appears to have stimulatory effects, but at higher doses, it appears to have more sedative effects.

In Thailand, laborers would consume kratom powder to enhance physical endurance and stamina.

These days kratom is people mainly use buy kratom powder as a means to support daily wellness. Some people use it as a supplement for inducing calmness or relaxing the body. While others may consume low doses to encourage focus, socialization, and endurance.

Which is better capsules or powder?

kratom powder is essentially a blend of dried kratom leaves. it possesses a pungent, rich earthy flavor with a slight bitterness akin to matcha powder. there are many ways to take kratom powder at home.

Traditionally, the people of Thailand and Bali would add dried kratom powder to their morning tea or coffee. However, most people add teaspoons of kratom powder to their favorite smoothie, or add it to their coffee.

kratom capsules are best for people on the go or those who do not like the taste or texture of kratom powder in their beverage.

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