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Red Vein Kratom 101: A Guide for Beginners

What is Red Vein Kratom?

Red vein kratom is one of three principal categories of the leaves of the Mitragyna Speciosa leaf, more commonly referred to as kratom. Red Vein kratom varieties come from the most mature leaves of the Mitragyna Speciosa tree and are said to have the most calming and relaxing effects of the kratom strains. looking for a way to wind down from your day.

In this guide we’ll discuss everything beginners should know about red vein kratom – the different varieties and their effects, plus, answers to common questions about dosage, safety, and where to find the best kratom.

Where Does Kratom Come From?

All kratom comes from the dried leaves of the Mitragyna Speciosa tree, a species native to Southeast Asia and a relative to the coffee plant. It thrives in hot, humid climates making Southeast Asia the world’s top kratom source. This ancient herb has been used by the native peoples in this region for centuries — usually consumed by chewing fresh leaves or brewing into a tea. This botanical was used in ceremonies and celebrations for lifting spirits, relaxing the body, and liberating the mind.

How is kratom made?

Only after reaching their peak of perfection leaves are hand-picked by Kratom farmers with years of experience recognizing the desired vein colors in Kratom leaves. Although commonly referred to as strains, the labels of Red Vein, White Vein, and Green Vein actually refer to the maturity of the leaves when harvested. The strength of the kratom variety and its effects depend on several factors, such as the age of the plant, the environment it’s grown in, and the time of harvest.

After harvest the leaves go through purification and a specialized drying process before they’re crushed to make the kratom capsules, powders and extracts you can buy online today. NuWave has built strong relationships with kratom cultivators and communities across Southeast Asia to acquire only expertly grown, ethically sourced, 100% pure kratom.

Kratom Strains: What are the Differences?

Red Vein Kratom comes from the most mature leaves of the plant and is harvested only when the veins in the leaves have turned the right shade of red. Suggested for evening or bedtime use, it can quiet and calm your mind, body, and spirit to help you relax after a long day or drift off into a deep restful state.

White Vein Kratom comes from the youngest leaves of the tree and is picked when the veins are still ripe and white. recommended for early morning or daytime use. Its powerful alkaloid content can provide clarity to your morning fog and focus your revived energy into a productive day as well as give a beneficial lift to the dreaded afternoon slump.

Green Vein Kratom is said to be a naturally occurring cross between Red Vein and White Vein and shares traits of both varieties and is harvested in the middle of the plant’s growth cycle. Perfect for morning or afternoon use, it can revitalize, and energize your mind, body, and spirit to help you get a positive start to your day or bring a motivational boost to your afternoon. If you want to learn more about this strain, check out the overview page here.


What is Red Kratom Good For?

For those who have difficulty winding down before bed, the Red Vein kratom variety may be a useful addition to your nightly routine — the calming benefits of this strain have been used by the indigenous people of places like Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia since ancient times. Taking a capsule or two before bed, or making a soothing cup of kratom tea can help you drift off into a deep restful state. Read on to learn more about the many varieties of red kratom available.

The Top 6 Varieties of Red Vein Kratom

Red Bali Kratom

Unlike many other red vein strains, which are mostly sedative in nature, Red Bali kratom has a slightly more energizing effect in addition to the body soothing benefits of red vein kratom. Making it ideal for daytime use.

Grown on the tropical island of Bali in Indonesia, this area is known for its dense rainforests. The thick cover of the canopies along with a mixture of the perfect humidity and naturally nutrient rich soil, provide the ideal climate to grow exceptional kratom.

Red Thai Kratom

If you are looking to calm your mind and spirit, this variety of red vein may be perfect for you. Native to Thailand, Red Thai kratom is used for its ability to help you feel calmer, soothed, and at peace internally and with the world around you.

It’s recommended that even experienced users start with a slightly lower dose than usual when trying this strain for the first time. Higher doses of this strain can lead to strong euphoria, which may be too intense for some.

Red Malay Kratom

Red Malay kratom is great when it comes to all day relief from physical stresses you may experience frequently. Malay kratom, short for Malaysian, grows abundantly in the vast rainforests of, you guessed it — Malaysia. The hot, moist air and naturally acidic soil found in this region are what makes Malay Kratom different.

Because of the acid level in the soil this kratom variety will have a different alkaloid profile than the kratom from other areas of Southeast Asia.


Red Sumatra Kratom

This is a versatile strain for those who like to use kratom to wind down from their day and for bedtime.

Named for Sumatra, one of the western islands of Indonesia, Red vein Sumatra kratom is one of the most flexible forms of red kratom you’ll find.

When used in moderate doses of under 6 grams its effects are similar to red Thai kratom — providing you a sense of tranquility. In doses over 6 grams, this strain becomes a powerful sedative, perfect for a truly restful experience.


Red Borneo Kratom

This kratom variety comes from Borneo, the largest island in Asia, covered by breathtaking sprawling tropical landscapes. The strains from this region are prized for their potent alkaloid content, said to completely ease the body — helping you find powerful relief from the physical stresses of the day.


Red Maeng Da Kratom

Red Maeng da kratom is known for being one of the most potent kratom strains you’ll find — In fact the term Maeng Da roughly translates to ‘pimp strength’ in parts of Southeast Asia. This most powerful form of kratom is achieved by expertly blending multiple strains together.

Maeng Da is more energizing than most red vein options, especially in lower doses. It provides daytime relief from your physical stresses without losing clarity or focus. For your first experience with Maeng Da, take it slow. Even if you have experience with other varieties, start with a lower dose than you normally take. 

Final Thoughts on Red Vein Kratom

If you are searching for a way to get relief from persistent physical stress, or a way to calm your mind and prepare for a deep restful night, Red Vein Kratom sounds like the right fit for you. Now which variety to try… That is up to you!

How Does Kratom Work in the Body?

There are over 40 biologically active compounds in kratom leaves (known as bioactive alkaloids) that influence the body. The most well-studied kratom-related compounds are mitragynine (MPI) and 7-Hydroxymitragynine.

MPI is found in kratom leaves and breaks down into 7-hydroxymitragynine in the body when digested. These compounds are processed in the liver and interact with several neurotransmitters and receptors in the nervous system. MPI has been shown to cause relaxation through interacting with nerve-muscle junctions.

Is Kratom Safe?

The best way to ensure the safety and purity of the kratom you buy is to check if the manufacturer is certified by the American Kratom Association. Vendors who are recognized by the AKA follow strict lab testing protocols and good manufacturing processes. Learn more about the AKA in the sections below.

If you’re ready to try kratom, talk to your healthcare provider before you start. They know your past and present medical history and will be able to determine if kratom is right for helping you achieve your wellness goals.

Is Kratom Legal?

Kratom is legal throughout much of the US, with no federal laws currently pending to mark the Kratom plant as a controlled or banned substance. However, kratom is not legal everywhere. Because kratom is not federally regulated, it is up to each state to develop and enforce legislation. Because of this, things like age requirements for using kratom are constantly changing. There are some states that are also divided within, making kratom legal in a state but not all cities, counties, or municipalities within that state.

Can I ship Kratom to My House?

If you live in a state and area where kratom is legal you can buy kratom online and have it shipped to your door! Buying kratom online is If a popular option because you can save money with discounts and coupon codes, and the kratom is more reliable. If you love lots of options, shopping for kratom online is perfect for you! Vendors who sell online tend to have a large variety of strains to try vs. a local retailer who may have only a few. Please note, If your address falls within a banned city or county, kratom cannot be shipped to you.

Finding the Best Kratom Strains Online

NuWave is an AKA certified vendor bringing you only the highest quality kratom powders, purest kratom capsules, strongest liquid kratom, best kratom shots, the largest variety of bulk kratom to buy online and more.

Their worry-free guarantee means you can rest assured that the Kratom leaves in every one of their products are lab-tested for purity and strength before being packaged in a facility that complies with the AKA’s current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) program. If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase from them, they also offer a no-hassle, 30-day customer satisfaction guarantee! You can have your kratom delivered to your door in as little as one day, and shipping is always FREE on orders of $100 or more. Also note, their customer service is top-notch.

The AKA and Their Fight to Federally Legalize and Regulate Kratom

Founded in 2014, the American Kratom Association’s vision has always been to protect the rights and safety of kratom users across the nation. Since kratom is not being regulated at a federal level, each state is left to decide how they want to handle this herb. The American Kratom Association, also known as the AKA, is the non-profit advocate group for kratom users throughout the United States.

Thanks to the AKA, not all legislative efforts that affect kratom users and kratom vendors are prohibitive. They are working to get all states on board with the Kratom Consumer Protection Act. This act will help regulate the kratom industry – keeping consumers safe and providing kratom manufacturers a set of safety standards to follow. The AKA actively monitors federal, state, city, and municipal legislation in the battle for kratom legality. Check this out If you’re interested in getting involved with your local legislators regarding kratom.

The NuWave Difference 

NuWave Kratom is based in Texas. As believers in the good it can do, they strive to make kratom education and products more accessible to those who could benefit from its wellness properties. They ethically source all their kratom from Indonesia, where they empower local farmers, their families, and communities to thrive. That’s the NuWave difference.



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