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The Beginner's Guide to Kratom Doses

Getting started with kratom can feel frightening at first. There are countless online resources, and each has varying information about the effectiveness, doses, and effects kratom might have on an individual. However, there are several things everyone should know when they are starting with kratom, especially when it comes to picking out the correct dose.

With anything that you choose to ingest, you should always research all of the positive and negative consequences that may factor in. While still largely unstudied, kratom may help with a variety of issues such as physical pain, depression, anxiety, low energy, opioid withdrawal, and more. Depending on what type of kratom you choose and the amount you take, kratom might be an excellent herbal supplement.

Getting Started With Kratom

Whether you're just starting with kratom for the first time or have been using the herb for a while, it never hurts to have a refresher of the best practices of starting a new supplement. Kratom, which is also known as mitragyna speciosa, may be beneficial for many reasons, but it is always important to remember these key things:

Always do thorough research on products and weigh the pros and cons of taking them.
Look closely at the origin of your kratom; it should hail from Southeast Asia.
Only buy kratom from reputable sources with certifications from the American Kratom Association.
Start with a smaller dose than you think and work your way up to higher amounts as you adjust.

If you need any help finding a trustworthy source for purchasing kratom, NuWave would love to help. We are advocates for safe kratom usage, so if you have any questions at all, check out our informative blog or give us a call at 801-209-6256.

Beginning Doses

If you're just starting with kratom, we always recommend taking less than you think you'll need. A good beginner's dose is about one to two grams, which may help you feel kratom's stimulating and mood-boosting effects. If this dose doesn't seem to do the trick, give it some time to settle in. The effects may take longer than you expect to kick in, and you never want to take too much kratom on your first attempt.

Mild Doses

If you've taken kratom a few times at the beginner's dose and feel like you're ready to kick it up a notch, taking two or three grams might help you get more present stimulating, euphoric effects. Kratom, at smaller doses, is thought to produce effects that can help you feel energized and happy, so if you're looking for a more mild kratom experience that you can still feel, this dose should get you there.

Strong Doses

For more experienced kratom users, a mild dose may not produce the desired effects they are looking for. Three to four grams of kratom may be the next step up; at this strong of a dose, kratom's sedative effects will likely begin to kick in as well as its painkilling effects. This is a more potent dose and should be taken with caution only when you are ready. Never jump up to a high dose like three grams if you haven't had much experience with kratom; it could leave you feeling irritated, tired, or nauseous if you take too much.

Very Strong Doses

Only the most experienced kratom users should attempt to take a very strong dose or four to six grams maximum, as any more than that runs a risk of overdosing. A very strong dose of kratom may produce strong sedative, euphoric, and analgesic effects on the body and is considered the type of dose that will have you on the couch for hours. However, kratom users who take doses like these tend to swear by their painkilling effects and mood-boosting abilities, feeling relaxed and happy. These doses may also be beneficial as a sleep aid for those who have insomnia or similar issues. We do not recommend taking any more kratom after a dose this high.

Types of Kratom to Try

While the dose certainly may affect kratom's effects on your body, the type of kratom you take is also important. There are three kratom veins: red, white, and green, which are all known for their different effects. Each vein also has several strains with more specialized effects. According to some kratom users, red vein kratom is considered the strongest and may have more potent sedative and euphoric effects than white or green kratom. White kratom, on the other hand, is considered a more energetic, focused option. Green vein kratom is thought to be an excellent middle ground between the two and is always recommended for beginners. Here are some of the best strains and our recommendations for their uses:

  • Maeng Da: Maeng Da kratom is one of the most popular strains for its possible strong, long-lasting effects. Maeng Da, which literally means "pimp" in Thai, is one of the most potent strains available and comes in red, white, green, and blended options.
  • Indo: Indo kratom comes from Indonesia and can be purchased in red, white, or green varieties. Indo strains are known for their relaxing effects rather than stimulating ones.
  • Bali: Bali kratom, which comes from Indonesia as well, is known for its reddish color and potential strong painkiller effects. Kratom users typically use Bali kratom for chronic pain, depression, and other pain-related issues.
  • Borneo: Borneo kratom, which comes from the Southeastern island Borneo, is thought to have more sedating effects than some other strains and is also used for pain relief.
  • Green Malay: Malay kratom is dark green and typically comes in green veins, though it can sometimes be found in red or white varieties. It is thought to have stimulating effects at many levels, though higher doses may get you a more sedative effect.
  • Thai: Thai kratom hails from Thailand. This type of kratom tends to follow the same rules regarding vein effects; red for sedation, white for stimulation, and green for in-between.

Have A Question? We Can Help.

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