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Taking Kratom: Capsules vs Shots vs Powders

Considering taking kratom but not sure where to start? Mitragyna speciosa comes in many forms that suit different needs, including capsules, shots, powders, gels, and more. While the leaf was originally chewed by Southeast Asian natives to give them a boost of energy, the plant has come a long way since its discovery!

In this blog, we’ll dive into the pros and cons of each kratom-taking method and weigh the benefits of each. Whether you’re looking to brew yourself a kratom tea or just throw back a couple of capsules, there’s a way to take kratom for everyone.

The Big Three

While there are inumerous ways to take mitragyna speciosa, we’ll be focusing on the main three methods. By far the most popular, these options are readily available at retail websites, smoke shops, and more across the nation. These methods include:

  • Capsules
  • Shots
  • Powders


Kratom capsules are small, clear capsules that are filled with kratom powder. Typically about 650mg per capsule, these small pill-shaped kratom doses are great for easy consumption with no taste and no hassle. They may be swallowed with any liquid and allow users to skip out on the bitter taste that kratom is infamous for.


Kratom shots are small bottles of liquid with several doses of liquid kratom in each. They may come in a variety of flavors, often utilizing kratom extract mixed with an assortment of ingredients to make taking kratom easier. Shots may be shared with friends or taken in small doses up to three times per bottle. While these are typically not for beginners, we recommend them for experienced users looking for a tastier method of taking kratom!


Often the most popular form of taking the herb, kratom powder is one of the purest ways to enjoy it. Users may brew it as a kratom tea, add the powder to food, mix it into drinks, or use the toss and wash method! Kratom powder is a very versatile option for taking kratom, making it an easy choice for those just starting out with the herb. It comes in several varieties, including the main three veins: red, white, and green. There is also a range of strains that produce different effects, depending on what the user desires.

The Best Kratom Around

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We look forward to hearing from you.