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Kratom Recipe Ideas You Shouldn’t Wait to Try

Here at NuWave, we are always looking for new ways to consume the right amount of kratom. That is why we are committed to having our inventory stocked with powder, capsules, and drinks to keep you motivated throughout the day. We understand that everyone wants to consume their kratom differently and that flexibility is one of our favorite things about the plant!
If you are looking for new ways to consume your kratom, why not get some powder and make something tasty out of it? That’s right; you may make some delicious recipes from kratom! Here are some recipe ideas that you should try the next time you use kratom powder.



These delicious drinks are probably something that you, as a kratom powder consumer, already do. Just a small amount of powder in your morning smoothie could potentially give you the effects you are looking for. However, you do not have to stop at the regular green or strawberry smoothie. Experiment with fresh fruits and juices along with your kratom smoothies. You may find your new favorite combination!


Yogurt Mixes

A great way to get probiotics and to stay healthy is to eat a small bowl of yogurt. Just one spoonful of kratom may help elevate your yogurt by potentially providing you with the energy you need to start your day. Don’t be afraid to add some strawberries or other fruit for a delicious morning booster.



Did you know that you may make your kratom tea? By combining it with water, you could! You may boil it or keep it cool with some ice. Not only that, but you may prepare your kratom tea just like you do with regular tea. Do you usually like milk and sugar with your tea? It will taste delicious with your kratom tea, as well.


Other Recipes

Some blogs and websites online have specific recipes that you may make with your kratom. The possibilities are almost endless! Here at NuWave, we have ways that we like to put kratom into our daily lives, so do not hesitate to ask us for our opinion.


Purchase Your Kratom from NuWave

Are you interested in learning how to use kratom in many different recipes? Take a look at the NuWave inventory to find the kratom you are looking for. We carry tons of different strains in powder, capsule, and drink form. No matter what you desire, we here at NuWave  have got the product for you. Call us at 866-420-5728 to speak to one of our kratom experts today.