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How to Make Kratom Taste Better

If you're a kratom enthusiast or have been thinking about trying it, you've probably heard (or know) about its distinct flavor.
However, if you've never used kratom before, then you're probably curious about its flavor. We're going to be very honest here: kratom has a strong flavor, to say the least. Some people aren't bothered by the flavor of kratom, while others find it repulsive and prefer to use kratom pills. If you fall into the latter category, we don't blame you. You can always add kratom powder to your food or drink to soften its flavor.
There are many different ways you can make kratom powder taste better; check out some of them below!
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Kratom Coffee

Adding kratom to your coffee is one of the most popular ways people make kratom palatable. All you need to do is mix your desired dosage with some coffee, stir it well and enjoy! We all love our morning cup of joe, but if you're looking for new tastebud stimulation, this is an excellent choice that only requires a few seconds of preparation time.
You may need to experiment with how much kratom powder you use - start small (around an eighth of a teaspoon) and work your way up until you find the optimal amount for yourself. Add some sugar or creamer until you are satisfied with the flavor.
We also carry a line of kratom-infused instant coffee!

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Kratom-infused Juice

Are you trying to avoid caffeine? Try mixing your kratom with juice instead. While it takes a bit longer to prepare, you can mix up your kratom with your favorite fruit juice for a relaxing yet stimulating boost that is much easier on the stomach than coffee or caffeinated soda. 
Again, add an appropriate amount of kratom into your juice and stir well.
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Kratom Tea

There are several ways to make kratom tea. You can mix your kratom powder with hot water, stir it, and wait until it's cooled down enough to drink. Another way is to fill an ordinary tea bag with the appropriate kratom powder dosage and let it steep in hot water. You can add lemon to cut the strong taste or honey to sweeten and soften the flavor.

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Kratom Cocktail

This is a great way to get rid of kratom's bitter and earthy taste. If you're over the age of 21, we recommend mixing one part vodka with three parts grapefruit juice for a refreshing new take on an old classic cocktail.
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Iced Kratom Tea

This is a great way to mask the bitterness of kratom. Fill the bottom of a glass with hot water to dilute your kratom powder, then add cold water or iced tea and ice. Stir well and sweetener or sugar to your liking. The result is a delicious iced tea-like drink that's got all the benefits you want from kratom without any of the pure taste.

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Kratom Smoothie

Mixing kratom into a viable smoothie recipe will help cut down on its bitter taste while still giving you all the benefits you need from it. We recommend using orange juice as your base and adding some frozen strawberries or bananas to make it thick and creamy. You can even add some Greek yogurt or honey to give it a bit of sweetness if you'd like.
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Kratom Sauce

If you want something a little more savory than sweet, try mixing your kratom powder into a sauce instead. Tomato paste works best as a base for this recipe, but you can experiment with different sauces as well. Try kratom-infused tomato sauce for your pizza! Combine the sauce with the same ingredients that you would typically put on your pizza. Not only will you get a delicious meal that tastes great, but you'll also get all the benefits of quality sourced kratom.
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Kratom Matcha Latte

Try this new twist on the green tea latte if you love matcha. This is a delightful recipe as kratom's smell, look, and taste are easily comparable to green tea matcha. With a kratom-infused green tea latte, you can not only feel the effects of the kratom, but you will also enjoy all the comforts of this classic tea latte drink.
Combine one teaspoon of green tea matcha powder with a cup of hot milk and stir well until combined. Add sugar if desired and one teaspoon of your favorite kratom powder. Mix and drink warm, or add ice to enjoy it cold.


Kratom Hot Chocolate

This one's a favorite among many fans of kratom and is perfect for a cold and rainy day while you're staying cozy indoors. Just like the green tea matcha latte, combine one teaspoon of your favorite hot cocoa mix with a cup of hot milk and stir well until combined. Then add one teaspoon of your favorite kratom powder and sweetener or sugar for taste. Mix and drink warm.

Kratom Milkshake

Got some leftover ice cream? Turn it into a milkshake!
Combine three scoops of vanilla ice cream, ¼ cup milk, ½ tablespoon sugar (or another sweetener), and two teaspoons of your favorite kratom in a blender and mix well. If you want it to be thicker, add more ice cream or if you prefer it thinner, add more milk. Pour into a glass and add a cherry on top!

Try a New Flavor!

There are many different ways to enjoy kratom without taking the conventional single-ingredient route. With a bit of creativity and some basic cooking skills, you can mix up all sorts of recipes and never get bored with your regular dose.


Got Any Recipe Ideas?

While we've covered some recipes here, feel free to experiment around in the kitchen and come up with ways how to make kratom taste better! If they work out well, be sure to let us know; we'd love it if we could add more kratom recipes to share with our community!

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