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Good Manufacturing Practices and How NuWave Meets Them

As kratom consumers, we want to ensure that the kratom we are purchasing is the best quality possible. After all, why settle for anything less? This need for quality is precisely why the US Food and Drug Administration established Good Manufacturing Practices or GMPs. These practices require that manufacturers take all of the necessary steps to ensure that their product is safe for consumption.
Here at NuWave, we take GMPs very seriously. Providing our customers with the safest and cleanest products is our highest priority. This prioritization is why we send our products through a rigorous cleaning cycle before it arrives in our inventory. Because of this process, we may assure all of our customers that they are receiving the highest quality products.


Our UV Angel Air Purifier

The team of kratom experts here at our facility are proud to use the UV Angel in our day-to-day facilities. We are committed to making sure that you have the best and healthiest kratom possible. This device allows us to clean natural hazards such as bacteria and viruses out of the air at our facility while our kratom leaves undergo processing. Better yet, the UV Angel may be run with minimal interaction 24 hours a day, seven days a week, although we periodically check its status throughout the day by air quality detectors.
Are you still not entirely convinced by our usage of the UV Angel? Here are some of the other benefits that the machine has on our products.


Simple Mechanics

The UV Angel unit does not interfere with the workflow of the current staff. Because of this, we may get other tasks done while it effectively cleans and sanitizes the air in our clean rooms.


Seamless Design

This unit's design correlates with today's critical architectural and clinical considerations in keeping with the ever-evolving GMP standards. As a result, the system integrates a sealed UV-C air treatment chamber into existing or new construction in-ceiling lighting.

Effective At Its Job

Most importantly, however, the UV Angel has proven time and time again to clean the air in our clean rooms effectively. Using the latest in advanced UV-C light purification technology, laboratory studies done on the unit have shown effective removal of bacteria, fungus, and viruses from the air.


Clean and Safe Kratom at NuWave 

Safety is at the forefront of everything our NuWave team does. This commitment is why we aim to bring you the best and most effective kratom products on the market. Using our UV Angel unit to clean and sanitize the air in our clean rooms, we are ensuring that we are not providing you with a tainted product or could potentially make you sick. Do you still have any more questions about our commitment to honoring Good Manufacturing Practices? Our team is more than happy to answer any question that you may have concerning the UV Angel, the sterilization process, and how all of this affects you as the consumer. Call NuWave at 866-420-5728, send us an email ats, or fill out our online contact form today!