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Fact or Fiction? 3 Myths About Kratom Debunked

You may have heard the buzz about kratom, but what is it really? Simply put, kratom, or mitragyna speciosa, is a Southeast Asian tree with leaves that produce psychoactive effects. Kratom is currently legal for sale and consumption, with many users swearing by its relieving and mood-boosting effects. Kratom is often used as an energy booster, with similar effects to those of stimulants. 
Kratom may be taken in many forms, including powders, tablets, dried leaves, and even fresh leaves that are chewed. The leaves may be brewed into teas, taken in capsules, or smoked depending on the user’s desired effects and preferences. It has been used for thousands of years to treat fatigue, muscle aches, and more. Despite kratom’s long history, however, research is still being done and there are many myths surrounding it.

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Myth #1: Kratom Is A Synthetic Drug

While kratom may be found in many shapes and sizes, it is always derived from the kratom tree. Kratom is a natural substance and not man made. However, not all kratom is created equally, and there are certainly a number of altered options on the market. It is best that users do thorough research on their sources before purchasing any kratom online or in stores.

Myth #2: Kratom Is Dangerous

Unfortunately, searching kratom on the internet often leads to finding disturbing headlines and scary stories. However, this is not the entire truth. While there have been cases of injuries and even fatalities linked to kratom usage, the true cause of these events is not usually the leaf itself. For example, some users have combined kratom with prescription drugs, which may have harmful and even fatal effects. Before taking kratom, it is crucial to research what substances it may be combined with safely.


Myth #3: Kratom Is Addicting

Because kratom sometimes has similar effects in high dosages to opioid drugs, it is sometimes lumped in with them. However, kratom, when taken in small doses and used responsibly, is not addicting. As with anything, however, users could form kratom-taking habits that may lead to harmful outcomes. In these instances, the reliance on kratom is not caused by the drug itself but by the user, similar to a caffeine or sugar addiction.

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