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5 Kratom Products That are Great for Sharing With Friends

Are you looking for a fun way to spend your time with friends while also enjoying the potential stimulating, euphoric, and relieving effects? With so many ways to take kratom and many different strains to choose from, the possibilities are endless. Here are five of our favorite kratom products that are perfect for sharing!


Share These Kratom Products

Kratom Coffee

At NuWave, we carry a selection of hand-picked kratom coffee specially grown in the jungles of Borneo. Kratom, which is from the same family as the coffee plant, is the perfect herb to blend with coffee and may enhance its energy-boosting effects, as well as give it joint and muscle relieving effects. In higher doses, it may produce euphoric effects, as well. Brew up a pot and serve it with milk and sugar, or have it black; it’s up to you!

Hush Kratom Gummies

These tasty little treats are the perfect pick-me-up for a group of friends. In passion fruit flavor, each gummy contains 15mg of kratom, giving you the perfect small dose in every bite. Combine the effectiveness of a kratom capsule with the flavor of a chewy gummy and split a pack with friends, or get a pack for each of you. NuWave’s Hush Gummies are made from high-quality ingredients made for high bioavailability, so your body mau absorb their kratom goodness faster.


Bali Gold Powder

Want to share a more classic experience with your buddies, but with a high-quality kratom powder? Try NuWave’s Bali Gold Powder, which comes in 70g, 125g, and 250g options. Our Bali Gold kratom powder is sourced directly from Southeast Asia, and is believed to have appetite-enhancing and energy-boosting effects. To take our kratom, you may use several methods. 
One of the more potent options is the toss and wash techniques. Simply take a sip or water, juice, or another liquid and hold it in your mouth, and take half of your kratom dose, then swallow it all. Repeat for the second dose. This reduces the amount of bitter kratom taste. Alternatively, you may make a kratom tea by heating water, adding kratom powder and simmering for about fifteen minutes, then straining it into a mug and enjoy. You may even add lemon and honey!


Zion Herbals Speciosa Soda

Looking for something a little different but still want that classic kratom zing? NuWave’s Zion Herbals Speciosa Soda is one of the first kratom soda drinks, and one of the best-tasting, too! In black cherry and blueberry flavors, this tasty drink raises the bar for the entire kratom industry; you and your friends could enjoy a nice, refreshing pop while you hang out and enjoy the possible effects that kratom may have on your bodies. Whether you’re looking to kick-start your days or take on the night, this effective drink will have you feeling great.

Lit Culture 15 mL Kratom Shots

Last but certainly not least, these 15 mL kratom shots will have you and your friends ready to take on the world. They come in either Black Honey or Butterscotch flavors and are made with the highest-quality kratom extracts and incredible ingredients. Get creative with your friends, get energized, and live in the moment with these delicious kratom shots. We recommend trying only one shot per person.


Get Kratom Today

At NuWave, we want to help make kratom more accessible to those who need it. Based in Texas, NuWave only carries the highest-quality kratom powders, capsules, and other products. Our kratom is sourced directly from Indonesia, where we help promote farmers and their businesses. We are proud of our top-notch customer service and incredible products! If you have any questions, give us a call at (866) 420-5728 ext 100, or send us an email at

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