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3 of the Best Kratom Strains for Managing Stress

The mitragyna speciosa plant has gained massive popularity over the last decade or so and has helped countless people suffering from health concerns. The coffee relative, popularly known as kratom, comes from Southeastern Asia is known for its sedative and stimulant effects in the body depending on the dose.
Unlike many other medication alternatives, kratom is an affordable option, which is likely a factor in its current popularity, given that medications may cost people without insurance large sums of money. Moreover, those suffering from opioid addiction may find solace in kratom; many users claim that the leaf has helped them overcome opioid withdrawal symptoms. 


What Types of Kratom Should You Try

For management, there are a few types of kratom that may work best. Red kratom, known for its calming, soothing effects, is likely the best vein of choice between the main three: white, green, and red. However, others such as Maeng Da kratom may offer users a soothing effect. Let’s dive into our top three choices:
  • Maeng Da Kratom
  • Red Bali Kratom
  • Red Borneo Kratom

Maeng Da Kratom

Maeng Da kratom is one of the most popular kratom strains for management. This strain may come from Thailand, Malaysia, or Indonesia and is a blend of two or more standard strains grafted together to create a more potent combination of soothing effects. 
We recommend Maeng Da kratom for those suffering from more severe health conditions. According to Peninsula Daily News, Maeng Da “contains a high number of 7-hydroxymitragynine and mitragynine alkaloids…[which] makes it the ideal analgesic or...relieving substance”. The alkaloids and 7-OH work together in the body to produce relaxing and soothing effects.


The Benefits

Maeng Da kratom is a stimulating variety that users claim helps them relax and enjoy life without the inhibition of stress. It may help promote restful sleep, relieve symptoms, and improve the quality of life for its users. Maeng Da may also enhance energy levels as a stimulant strain, which may help improve your mood.

If you’d like to try some Maeng Da strain kratom powder, we recommend EXP Premium’s variety. This hand-crafted blend provides a unique product not found in any single strain; this powder boasts three strains mixed for the ultimate experience. Sourced from Southeast Asia and tested through years of trial and error, EXP has perfected this Maeng Da blend. 

Red Bali Kratom

With origins in Bali, Red Bali kratom is considered one of the brightest red vein kratom varieties available with mixed stimulating and sedative effects. Peninsula Daily News says, “Red Bali contains the highest proportion of the 7-hydroxymitragynine alkaloid compared to any other kratom variety”, making it one of the most potent analgesic varieties of kratom available. 
Because Red Bali is so strong, most users choose this strain when they need relief. This strain may cause users to develop a tolerance to it more quickly than with some other strains, so it must be taken in moderation. 


The Benefits

Red Bali kratom may provide relief for up to six hours, which is one of the main reasons it is famous for relief. At first, Red Bali is said to provide stimulating effects for the first few hours, then fade into sedative effects that could cause drowsiness, so most people recommend taking it in the evening. Red Bali is said to have antioxidant properties, which may help protect your body against heart disease, cancer, and other diseases. This strain may also work to increase libido, working with energy levels, hormones, and stamina

One of our top-selling red vein strains, Experience Red Bali powder might be the one to do it all; from stimulating effects to more sedating ones, this strain could help. Our highest 7-OH option, this variety packs a punch, so proceed with caution! Experience bliss in a kratom tea or coffee without going out of your way. 


Red Borneo Kratom

Hailing from the island of Borneo, Red Borneo kratom takes a little longer to kick in. Its leaves are left longer in the sun than other kratom varieties for a more fermented effect, making it more effective than some other strains. With natural alkaloids that work with the body slowly, this intense strain is best taken during the daytime. 
Many users turn to Red Borneo to help with symptoms such as headaches, chest aches, and more. However, this strain should not be overlooked. A well-rounded contestant, Red Borneo is said to offer sedative effects without any drowsiness, something not every red vein strain may claim.


The Benefits

Red Borneo kratom may be a way to treat mild to severe symptoms. Many users claim that the red vein may produce euphoric effects, help fight insomnia, ward off sleep apnea, relax the body, and improve focus. Often found in 100% Organic options, Red Borneo kratom is some of the best kratom available for more mild red vein management on the market. 

At NuWave, we carry a large selection of red vein kratom options. We recommend Experience Red Borneo Powder to relax and rejuvenate. Make yourself some kratom coffee in the morning or a tea in the afternoon, and get your day underway with this potent, popular strain. 

Why Choose Kratom?

Since kratom’s discovery centuries ago, the Asia-native plant has become increasingly popular in the western world for its potential energizing and mood-altering effects. Many herald the coffee relative as a natural alternative to medication, opioids, and more. It has been used in Southeast Asia for centuries by natives who chewed its leaves for energy.
Because of its potential for relief, while providing an alternative option for those worried about taking highly addictive opioids, many have turned to the kratom leaf for help. Kratom could provide the relief users seek.


High-Quality Kratom

At NuWave, we want to help make kratom more accessible to those who need it. Based in Texas, NuWave only carries the highest-quality kratom powders, capsules, and other products. Our kratom is sourced directly from Indonesia, where we help promote farmers and their businesses. We are proud of our top-notch customer service and incredible products! If you have any questions, give us a call at (866) 420-5728 ext 100, or send us an email We look forward to hearing from you.