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Does Kratom Affect My Pregnancy?

Kratom Benefits 
Kratom is a plant that grows in Southeast Asia and has been used for centuries by the people there. In recent years, it has become popular in the United States for its medicinal properties. Although kratom benefits are plentiful, one issue a lot of people want to know is if kratom will affect women during pregnancy. Will it? Continue reading to find out.


What Are the Kratom Benefits?

Kratom is a plant that grows in Southeast Asia. The leaves from this tree are dried and crushed to produce kratom powder. It can be found all over America or even online for those who want it shipped. Kratom has been gaining momentum as people take notice of its health benefits.
This plant may help you with the following:
  • Increase of Energy
  • Concentration
  • Better Mood
  • And more!

Kratom is said to have many great benefits, but many people wonder if pregnant women should be able to use it.


Can I Use Kratom if I Am Pregnant?

A big question around kratom benefits is if it can be used while pregnant. It is a natural plant that has been around for centuries and is not an addictive drug. Even though this information makes Kratom seem harmless, pregnant women should not use it. Many women have mild pain or discomfort, especially during their first trimesters, yet these symptoms usually disappear on their own. 
Kratom is a safe substance for adults, but it may not be similar to children. This substance may cause harm to your child and is not recommended for use during pregnancy because there is no research on its safety and effects in pregnant women.


Is Kratom Safe While Breastfeeding?

When you are breastfeeding a child, you pass nutrients to your baby. In this case, kratom is also not recommended to ensure your baby's health. A pregnant woman should stop smoking, drinking, or taking certain medications during pregnancy and breastfeeding because it may cause harm to the child. The same precautions should be taken with kratom.


Kratom Products Available for Non-Pregnant Women

Although kratom is not for pregnant women, it is excellent for everyone else! NuWave has a variety of kratom products, the newest being gummies! Other products include:
  • Powder
  • Drinks
  • Capsules
  • Extracts
  • And more!
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