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Did HHS Recommended DEA Schedule Kratom Along with Heroin?

I get a lot of panicky people reaching out to me who want to know, "What's going on? I just heard that HHS sent a letter to the DEA recommending them to schedule kratom! What am I gonna do?"

To be honest, every morning I wake up and wonder if today is the day. Living in constant fear of having your support system ripped way has aged me quite quickly. But, as one Redditor put it:

tpotts16 writes

"This is the same recommendation that we know about and under the regs the HHS delegates the research power to FDA, then they just basically usually rubber stamp it, we knew this was the HHS-FDA position since 2017
The DEA is the decision maker at the end of the day, so don’t let this scare you."
Another person writes:
HMR2018 comment: “FDA treated essentially a lot of anecdotal evidence of harm as fact, but isn't willing to consider anecdotal evidence of benefit in the same way,” said @grantwilder3, deputy director of national affairs @drugpolicyorg, which opposes criminalizing kratom."
Here is a link to the HHS letter. It actually looks like HHS did their own 8 point analysis. Quite interesting to see. Bottom line is this: never let your guard down. Endless pressure!