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[2022 Update] Types of Kratom Strains & Its Effects Explained!

Alright, you’re new to the world of kratom but don’t know where to start. Well, this guidebook is all you need? The team at Nuwave has created the ultimate 2022 guide on everything you need to know about the different types of kratom strains.


Red, White, and More?! What are the Different Types of Kratom Strains

First, the basics…
There are three main types of kratom you’ll come across - red, white, and green-vein kratom. Now, don’t be fooled! All these different types of kratom strains come from the same kratom plant! The difference lies in its harvesting period.
  • White vein kratom leaves are harvested from a young, immature kratom plant.
  • Red vein kratom leaves are harvested from mature kratom plants.
  • Green vein kratom, well it sits in between white and red kratom, and its leaves are harvested in between the immature and mature periods.

Maeng Da and Yellow Kratom: Popular Kratom Strains of 2022

Nuwave offers two other unique kratom varieties you may or may not have heard of - maeng da kratom and yellow vein kratom strain.


#1 For High Potency| Maeng da Kratom Strain

maeng da kratom, most potent kratom strain
All kratom plants originate from Southeast Asia. However, the maeng da variety tends to grow in Thailand and Indonesia. Maeng da kratom is different from other varieties, as it was created through a process of grafting (biologically grafting/attaching tissue from two different plants to create a new variety).

Effects of Maeng Da Kratom

Different types of maeng da kratom strains are available through Nuwave - red, white, and green. Each type of maeng da kratom strain elicits slightly different effects.
Overall, fans of this kratom variety notice the following effects:
  • Red Maeng da Kratom - the most potent kratom strain for relaxation.
  • Green Maeng da Kratom - the most potent kratom strain for euphoria and energy.
  • White Maeng da Kratom - the most potent kratom strain for energy.

#2 Mood Enhancing Yellow Kratom

Now there’s no such thing as yellow-vein kratom, rather yellow kratom appears to be a  blend of green and red kratom leaves.
For centuries, this type of kratom variety has been used by labours in Southeast Asia as a means to improve daily wellness. Traditionally, kratom leaves are harvested and dried either under sunlight or indoors, the kratom leaves are then blended to a fine powder, ready for consumption.

Effects of Yellow Kratom Powder

A spoonful of yellow kratom powder in your evening beverage may mellow out your mind and help you see the goodness in every little thing. Fans of this kratom strain describe its effects as uplifting, slightly euphoric, and simply pleasant.
It’s definitely the best kratom strain for cheering up your day.


Types of Kratom and its Effects

Here comes the fun part: learning about the different types of kratom and its effects! Now, kratom leaves contain different concentrations of alkaloids, each of which exhibits different effects. For example, red kratom leaves contain a lot more 7-hydroxy mitragynine when compared to white vein varieties.

Red Vein Kratom Effects - Red kratom powder and capsules promote relaxation and calmness. Some people choose to consume red kratom capsules to encourage restful sleep or to soothe away the troubles of the day.

White Vein Kratom Effects - White kratom powder and extracts contain high levels of mitragynine. The presence of this alkaloid promotes energy and focus, and mood enhancement. It’s the best kratom strain for energy!

Green Vein Kratom Effects - Green kratom powder and extracts offer consumers the benefits of both red and white kratom. Fans of this kratom strain note feeling a state of blissful relaxation accompanied by waves of energy and confidence. It’s the best type of kratom for anyone looking to pick-up their day!

Types of Kratom Chart Summarized!

kratom strains chart and effects


Best White Kratom Strains aka Best Types of Kratom for Energy.

white vein best type of kratom for energy and focus.
So you need to focus, energize yourself, or simply attain mental clarity? If that’s your goal then you need to try these white kratom strains aka the best types of kratom for energy and focus.


Best Red Vein Kratom Strains

best kratom strain for pain relief
Got a cluttered mind? Can’t seem unwind before bedtime? Well, here are the strongest strains of kratom for relaxation! These highly recommended kratom products are sure to promote calmness and restfullness.


Best Green Vein Kratom for Productivity!

best green kratom strains online.
If you’re looking for the best kratom for productivity, you’ll need to try some of our top green kratom strains. Nuwave offers a wide range of kratom varieties including green vein kratom powder, capsules, and more!

Most Potent Kratom Strains RANKED!

Need a little pick-me-up? Need to conquer your day? Well, we’ve ranked the most potent kratom strains of 2022.

  1. Green Malay Kratom Powder - It’s the strongest kratom strain to boost the mind and body! The Green Malay is a green vein variety that originates from the jungles of Malaysia. The effects are energzing, motivating, and just makes you feel soo damn good.
  2. Red Bali - Red Bali reviews are in! It’s by far the best red vein strain for promoting calmness and relaxation.
  3. Green Maeng da - It’s definitely the best kratom strain for balance and euphoria. The effects are smooth and long-lasting, fans of the green maeng da report feeling a sense of meditative calmness encouraging productivity.

Nuwave| Buy the Best Kratom Strains of 2022

Nuwave is the number one most trusted kratom vendor of 2022, we strive to deliver premium quality kratom products to consumers across the nation. So, if you’re looking for the best kratom powder and kratom capsules online then look no further than Nuwave.